Microdot Technology

A South Africa-based Company has launched an entirely locally-developed, superior microdot-tag and trace solution for vehicles and other high-value moveable assets, giving South Africans access to affordable, effective asset-identification technology that has the potential to curb the market for stolen goods by making theft and the resale of stolen property less viable for criminals.

They are one of only three providers of microdot tags for asset-identification in this country and aims to capture about 50 percent of the growing market in the short-term, with the goal of growing its market-share to 70 percent by 2012.

The company’s director, believes that there is a huge market for microdot technology in South Africa because it has significant potential to deter theft by limiting the local market for stolen goods. Securing the identity of assets is essentially the most effective tool to limit theft because it reduces their marketability, and microdot technology is one of the best ways of entrenching the identity of an asset because it provides indisputable proof of ownership and a level of asset-identification that simply makes the resale of stolen property less viable and less lucrative for

HDTV Technology

HDTV technology was first introduced in the US during the 1990s by a group of electronics companies called the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance. HDTV is also capable of “theater-quality” audio because it uses the Dolby Digital (AC-3) format to support. HDTV has at least twice the linear resolution of standard-definition television (SDTV), thus allowing much more detail to be shown compared with analog television or regular DVD.

HDTV can be recorded to D-VHS (Data-VHS), W-VHS (analog only), to a HDTV-capable digital video recorder (for example DirecTV’s high-definition Digital video recorder, Sky HD’s set-top box, or TiVo’s Series 3 recorder), or an HDTV-ready HTPC.

Digital signals, like the ones from DVD players, are converted to analog when played on traditional TVs. Digital signals are transmitted using computer code — ones and zeroes — which means they are less susceptible to interference and provide a higher quality picture and sound than analog. Digital TV broadcasts for local channels are also offered over-the-air (OTA) in many regions for those with digital TV antennas. Digital TV in Media Center allows you to watch and record high definition TV signals that might be

Technology in Second Language Classrooms

Your own educational website in less than 10 minutes!
We all know how important the world wide web has become and how useful and captivating it may be for our students if we make it part of our everyday teaching practices; facts, figures, graphs, statistics, comparative charts and a myriad of information will pop up in front of our screens with the click of a button. However, nowadays, the avalanche of data is so overwhelming that we may feel at a loss to find just the right materials for our students, especially if they are learning a second language. The available resources may be either to simple or too complex for them or just irrelevant for their present-day reality or developmental stage. On many occasions, thousands of teachers would rather create their own materials than use the ones available.

After all, what a better website for your own students than one displaying exactly what you want them to learn, at their language and developmental level, free of unwanted or inappropriate contents and able to be modified as your very own lesson progresses? This would be the ideal scenario for

Samsung Television: The Wall

Samsung has over the years developed to become a reputable name in the electronic industry. They are very popular around the world for their roles in the development and product of mobile phones, televisions, air conditioners, and other electronics. Samsung is one of the electronics producing companies whose role is not limited to just copying and mass-producing already invented electronic technologies, but they are also at the forefront in technological research and developments for the production of such electronics. For instance, Samsung was the company that released the first-ever mobile phone with LTE technology in the world in the year 2010. They have also been innovative in their television production. Their very first product after they were established in 1969 was black and white televisions. Since then, they have not only improved in their television production but have launched many new types of television including state of the art televisions. Their latest type of newly developed television productions is The Wall televisions. You can find out more about Samsung from the link. Some information about The Wall Samsung Televisions would be discussed subsequently.


Perhaps the major feature that stands out

mSpy Review: All You Need to Know:

mSpy Review

mSpy is a mobile monitoring application that can be installed on your youngster’s cellphone and permits you to screen their calls, social media activity, texts, areas and much more. Once the application is installed on the cellphone, it runs out of sight and totally hides. lunched in 2010, mSpy has created one of the most celebrated and observing programming programs on the planet.

How It All Works

MSpy is accessible for Android cellphones and tablets and Apple cellphones and devices iPhone and iPad. There are fundamentally two variants the full software for Android and Apple or the No Jailbreak adaptation for observing iPhones that have not been Jailbroken.

The full form software should be installed straightforwardly onto the device you need to keep an eye on, and you need access to the cellphone or tablet for a couple of moments to get it set up. Once installed the application will start to report all cellphone action. The objective cellphone needs to have a web association either an information plan or a Wi-Fi association.

So, if your child sends a book, downloads a picture or visits a site you

How to Change Web Hosting?

Since you are reading this article you must not be happy with your current provider. But before giving up on the current provider make you known to the requirements and address them to the new hosting services providers. Do not be in a hurry to choose your new provider. Search engines have made it easy to find feedback on interested web hosts. Before registering, find if there are any additional costs for domain transfer.

Full back-up

The hosting transfer process comes with a lot of risk of data loss due to technical reasons. It is advisable to create back up in advance. Copy all of your files and scripts for your website to a local computer along with other important configuration information.

Never forget to write your website information. In that way, you will be able to verify that you are registered as an owner of your domain. In case you do not do so, you won’t be able to transfer the website to the new host. You can always ask for assistance in the domain transferring process to the new host. But make sure of their additional assistance fees in advance. Some web host willingly

Basic Technology History

Online Technology Source


First Computer Invented:

Most people when they think of first computer invented they think Bill Gates. This, however, is not true, for the computer was invented long before Bill Gates was around. Bill Gates only revolutionized the computer, buy creating a more compact and useful form of the computer and making it available to everyone with a job.

There are many people out there who would say that the first “computer” was the abacus, invented in Asia about 5000 years ago. I however, wouldn’t.

The first of the “modern” computers was invented during World War II, in 1941 by a German engineer named Konrad Zuse. Its name was the Z3 and it was used to help design German airplanes and missile’s. Then in 1943, the Allied forces developed a computer called Colossus. It helped decode German messages.

The Mark I, designed by Howard H. Aiken, an engineer working with Harvard and IBM. The Mark I was positively huge, taking up half of a football field. It was useful though and it helped to create ballistic charts for the US Navy during the war.

Shortly after this, came

Choosing A Medium To Create Your Own Info Product

Selling internet based information based products is a great option to start internet home business and has immense potential. Truly speaking, ebooks, audio files and video files in downloadable format are the only available options to create info products for internet based home business. Not very long back, ebooks were the only medium you could ceate and sell your info products. But with advent of new technology, a marketer of today can easily create audio and video files.

There are many other methods you can dispense information and generate money. These are ezines, newsletters, blogs, membership sites etc. But these in true sense are info services rather than info products.

eBook is a product that most internet marketers start with. Ebooks are easy to create without much technical requirements. All you have to do is to write. Most popular ebooks are in pdf format. They are popular because they are light, fast, easy to create and can be read on any type of computer be it IBM or Mac, with an equal ease. They do not need any special type of ebook reader. The only requirement is the acrobat reader which should be installed in user

Beat the High Price of Fuel

With the world’s changing economy, there are several factors that affect how people interact with the growing risk for their basic need. In fact, because of the increasing price of fossil fuel in the market, many are finding more alternatives to beat the rate. Thus, hydrogen fuel cell technologies are invented. Fuel cells provide a wide range of important benefits that not even a single technology can fulfill.

There are several advantages of hydrogen fuel technologies. Below are just some of which.


Compared to traditional combustion engines, fuel cell technologies are more reliable because the absence of moving parts and combustion made the improvements possible. According to researches, a technology as potential as this has demonstrated impeccable reliabilities that can be applied to almost any kind of engine. With a reliability status of nearly a hundred percent, this has proven to be more appropriate than any alternative technology there is.

Raised Quality Power

Fuel cell technologies can provide a very high quality of DC power that is perfectly compatible to any kind of electrical application most especially those sensitive electronics like those used inside hospitals. The suffrage of brown outs and black

Windows 7 Buyer Info

There have been so many problems with the Windows XP and Vista operating systems that when the new Windows came out, everyone wanted to be a Windows 7 buyer. This is because these people got extremely tired of having to constantly battle their computers in order to get them to work properly. The majority of Vista owners ended up having some significant problems but, luckily, a Windows 7 buyer will be able to forget all of these problems in the near future, while also having access to some new and exciting features.

The newest incarnation of the Windows operating system is fastest and easiest to use system available. It allows you to easily keep track of your files and complete your daily tasks in an efficient manner.

The new Windows Media Center that is included with this software is absolutely incredible, as it turns your PC into a fully functioning entertainment center. You can do things like record live television, play the newest video games, and share all of your favorite files instantly, thanks to the company’s new and improved home network capabilities. Simply put, a Windows seven buyer will immediately learn that using a

Reverse Cell Phone Info

Technological advances move so fast today that it is sometimes hard to keep up to date with them, and even if you wanted to it would be a full time job. This means that the majority of people only find out about new technologies that are actually of relevance to them. Whilst this can be useful it also means that some technology that you can use in your everyday life can pass you by.

One of these things is reverse cell phone info, you might have heard friends or family referring to reverse phone number searches, reverse cell number searches, reverse telephone number searches or something similar. Reverse lookup is a phrase that is used to describe the process of using an online service to gain information relating to the owner of a particular telephone number.

Using reverse telephone number info services can also help you to find out the residential address of that cell numbers owner. Such information can be used for a multitude of different purposes and reasons. Many people will tend to use this reverse cell phone info to get to the bottom of unknown telephone calls to their home or business or

Windows 7 Buyer Info

The most recent version of the Windows operating system is Windows 7. Windows 7 is based on Vista, so still looks similar, but with many of the irritating problems ironed out. It is the fastest and easiest to use so far.

Some of Vista’s issues were slow speed and innumerable “are you sure you want to run this program?” popups. Every time a popup appeared your Personal computer would significantly slow down. This made working for any length of time difficult since you would have to endlessly wait for Vista to sort itself out. Windows Seven has addressed most of these problems.

Pop ups weren’t the only difficulties with Windows Vista. There have been compatibility issues with a great deal of made for XP software so people couldn’t run the programs they had paid for over the years, when the new version of Windows came out with most of these issues fixed a slew of disappointed vista users welcomed the new overhaul and are eager to become a Windows 7 buyer.

Having said that, Windows XP is no longer a feasible choice because it is reasonably old now. A new version of Windows that is

Interactive Technology

The definition of information has expanded with the advance of technology. IT professionals design complicated computer networks and info databases. They install applications for those networks and manage databases. They provide engineering of computer hardware, data management, networking and the development and design of software. IT staffers also can manage and provide the administration of the entire computer system.

Information technology is often referred to as “infotech” which is broadly used to define anything used to store, produce or control information. The terms information and technology are referred to as one entity of two processes that rely on each other. Only a few years ago the IT services department of a mid-sized company might well have been one computer guy in a tiny cubicle charged with saving data on magnetic tapes.

That’s a far cry from we now think of as information technology. Now the IT department would be fully staffed with employees working on computers, monitoring servers, and creating database management systems. This is pure information technology at work.

Recently, some have asked whether there is a massive shift in the focus and balance of IT services. The tsunami of businesses now offering their

Latest Technology Invention

What are you talking about? – Archimedes and latest technology invention in the same breath? For those not in the know – Archimedes was the ancient Greek’s most famous mathematician. He was the one who ran through the streets naked yelling “Eureka” (I have found it) when he solved a very important problem while sitting in his bath.

The latest technology invention is this – taking what most probably the latest and using it in a new way. Archimedes had scribed some of his theories on goat parchment somewhere between 287-212 B.C. Amazingly, this parchment has lived on – and in the middle ages a Monk scraped the papyrus and OVERWROTE Archimedes’ writings – (which was probably the best thing to happen – because the writings lived on (covered over) as a Christian prayer book – thus not subject to destruction by anti-science thinkers of the Dark Ages and beyond).

Without getting into the whole story – the manuscript has lived on to this day – where it was purchased at auction for about 2 million dollars, and then very graciously turned over to classicists and old book restorers. It was found that the prayer book

Steps to Creating Your First Info Product

The creation of your first info product is a huge first step toward implementing multiple streams of income in your business. It means that you have something to sell prospective customers to “size you up” as they consider purchasing your services, that you can sell something 24-7 from your website that demonstrates your expertise, and that you’re well on your way to creating a passive revenue stream for your business.

Your process doesn’t have to be as detailed as I’ve outlined here, but if you want to do a thorough job in the creation process, I suggest that you embark on all the steps.

1. Solution to a Problem. The best-selling information products provide a direct solution to a major problem of your target market. If you’re a professional organizer, the problem might be how to clean and store and organize holiday decorations so that they can be easily found and used from year to year. If you’re a weight loss coach, the problem might be how to stay motivated when you’ve hit a weight loss plateau. Jot down some of the primary problems of your target market and the process by which you help your

Comprehension and Communication

The “Information Age” has been with us for some time now. Jules Vern, Isaac Asimov, and Eugene Wesley (Gene Roddenberry) are just a few of the visionaries that many people ridiculed and laughed at for their dreams and insight(s). Many may well argue that they were just plain crazy. I am not one of them. I have always been an avid reader of Sci-Fi mags, books, articles, etc, and its film varieties. Should they not be believed? Just take a look around you. How many people have noticed that drastic change in the world today? How many of you have noticed people walking around with devices that seem to be glued to the side of their heads; seeming like their talking to themselves or appear to be delusional? However, the down side to mobile communication devices is that people are not properly governing themselves to the various disciplines and responsibilities associated with the use of these tools. Are you driving a car and talking on a cell phone? Are you annoying someone who is nearby and not desiring to hear and/or listen to your conversation(s)? How about not being able to function without your personal communication device(s). Albeit,

The Darling Of Online Sellers

Information is a great business asset. When you know something and other people are looking for that information, you have a readymade product in hand. When people find that the information they are looking for is available, they happily buy it. Information products or Info products are the products which pertain to selling the information.

Earlier books were only info products available. With advent of technology on media and internet boom, there are many a products which have risen from pure information that the creator possessed. Now an information can be packed in form of book, newsletter, ebook, audio or video. All kinds except the first can be managed and soled on internet only. These are digital products and do not need shipment etc. as is the need in case of books.

Can you imagine that info products is a billion dollar industry on the internet itself. As the technology advanced, it became possible for common man to produce ebooks or record audios and videos.

Many internet marketers took this advantage and built empires of business based on info products only.

Info products Info Products are loved by all online marketer for economy and

Emotion Recognition Technology

Software, recorders, scanners, cameras, and analysts are all essential ingredients of media analysis service. However, there are technologies just around the corner that are promising to change the way media analysis works. These technologies will enable analysts to make a real time analysis of the impact that certain news is having. One of these technologies is emotion recognition.

If you are confused by what I just said, I’ll just explain. Emotion recognition is a new concept in this age of Smartphones with front cameras. Some MIT innovators thought of using the Smartphone front cam in a sinister way – to read your emotions. Through specially developed software, the camera can record and transmit your facial expressions to a remotely located analysis center. The analysis center has the latest computers running emotion recognition software. What it means is that as people see a news item, watch a TV show or see an ad, you can know how they are feeling. The technology can decipher your facial expressions to tell whether you are happy, sad, angry, tense, depressed, or relaxed.

The implications of emotion recognition technology are widespread and diverse. Emotion recognition gives a whole new direction to

Interactive Technologies in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one of those industries that have become increasingly technologically dependent. Year after year, new and advanced medical technologies are introduced and used, and old ones become obsolete and are thrown away. Healthcare professionals, including nurses, are under increasing pressure to learn how to utilize these technologies. Computer-based tools are becoming ubiquitous in many activities and procedures as well as in the field of instruction and education of healthcare professionals and workers. Learning how to manipulate these interactive technologies is critical for every healthcare professional and instructor.

The interactive technology used in an educational setting involves anything that a camera lens can see including images from documents, physical samples, specimens, and 35-mm slides. These images are transmitted to computers with the use of hardware or software devices that allow the display of the images; visual aids are critical for presenting to the staff or a class so that they can understand the subject better. Documents and images are usually delivered via PowerPoint presentations and other such software. Videotapes, photos, and audio presentations can easily be integrated into one program and presented via a standard Windows PC, creating an interactive, dynamic and cost-effective teaching tool. Media for

How NFC Technology Can Benefit Your Business

NFC is something you may have already heard of (kind of a feature new smartphones have), but was not sure what that was. This acronym stands for near field communication, a technology which has been invented not so long ago and which seem to have a bright future. What is so special in it?

Near field communication technology allows easily and intuitively use your smartphone for some special purposes. It provides contactless two-way communication between devices, which are located in close vicinity (1-4 cm) from each other, thus you may send and receive data with that.

Looks like something like Bluetooth? That’s right, but with NFC your device spends much less power and a wireless connection is established quicker. Also, there are no additional barriers like pairing or mutual discovery in NFC. It is easier to set up NFC than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – it just starts working automatically! No need to launch any application. By the way, due to shorter range, the probability of unwanted interception is reduced to a minimum.

Speaking to the point, NFC uses short radio frequencies to establish automatic wireless connection between two devices.

What Is NFC Used For?