December 2019

How to Change Web Hosting?

Since you are reading this article you must not be happy with your current provider. But before giving up on the current provider make you known to the requirements and address them to the new hosting services providers. Do not be in a hurry to choose your new provider. Search engines have made it easy to find feedback on interested web hosts. Before registering, find if there are any additional costs for domain transfer.

Full back-up

The hosting transfer process comes with a lot of risk of data loss due to technical reasons. It is advisable to create back up in advance. Copy all of your files and scripts for your website to a local computer along with other important configuration information.

Never forget to write your website information. In that way, you will be able to verify that you are registered as an owner of your domain. In case you do not do so, you won’t be able to transfer the website to the new host. You can always ask for assistance in the domain transferring process to the new host. But make sure of their additional assistance fees in advance. Some web host willingly assists to their new clients with the transfer processes, but some do not. If your host does not do it, you can always do it by yourself.

New website setup

You will have to register yourself with your new web hosting provider. Copy all the backed-up website data from your computer to the new web host. If you are using a database file include it too. You are given a temporary domain for testing before you start using your website as the main one. Check for changes that might occur during the transfer. Confirm all relative links work, script paths function correctly and also if you are being able to send and receive e-mails or not. Test every little thing to make sure that it works. You can always go for little changes on your website to make it visible to your new web host. You may also wish to notify your customers or visitors about an alternative e-mail, of downtime.

DNS records update

Do update the name servers of your new website hosting provider with your domain name registrar. The alteration usually takes up to 48 hours, but it is clever to give up to 1 week in advance for the alteration to transmit all the way through the Internet. In the changing period, some customers or visitors may observe the old website and some of the new ones, but generally, it is hard to observe any difference. Search engines also ignore the varying period without making a difference on which server your website was accessed so that your ranking is not affected.

Cancel existing web hosting

After you have switched your domain name and confirmed that your website is functioning well, you can call off your existing web hosting. But whatever it might be, you will end up paying two web hosting companies for one month. But just because of the cost it is not worth switching website hosts in rush. There may be probable data loss and long downtime. It is, therefore, always advisable to test every nook of your new web host before canceling the existing one.