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The evolutionary course we have become human, however device use likely had some thing to do with it. For years, scientists believed most effective people used gear, however now we realize device use takes place right here and there withinside the animal kingdom. Orangutans are recognized for utilizing what’s round them, however how near are they to the Stone Age? Turns out, perhaps nearer than you think. A have a look at undertaken at Norway’s Kristiansand Zoo and the Twycross Zoo withinside the UK indicates that untrained Orangutans can employ stone gear.

Orangutans were discovered withinside the wild the usage of easy gear like sticks to accumulate bugs and leaves to guard them from the elements. There’s even a well-known picturegraph of an ape placing from a tree trying (and failing) to spear fish. Discoveries like those pressured us to reevaluate whether or not or now no longer device use is uniquely human. The extra we investigate it, the much less unique we are. However, orangutans have now no longer been discovered the usage of stone gear, however the new studies shows it may simply be most effective a be counted of time.

At the Kristiansand Zoo, researchers explored the apes’ capacity to apply stone hammers and sharp flint flakes. A hammer is critical to creating different gear with the aid of using splitting aside different rocks. The animals did use the stone hammer however now no longer to hit different rocks — they mainly smacked the wall in their enclosure. While they couldn’t make their very own flint flakes, they did use one to reduce open a silicone pores and skin to get admission to food.

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