Help students reflect on the social and emotional aspects of the movie and consider how their own emotions work

Pixar’s Inside Out is a movie that’s all about feelings, and this makes it perfect for sparking discussions with kids about social and emotional learning. Since the central characters all embody a different emotion, students learn to see parts of themselves or their experiences in each international journal.

Refreshingly, the movie doesn’t make learning about emotions such a heavy-handed endeavor. By getting to know and love each character, students naturally come to understand that emotions are complex, and that we need the entire range of feelings to fully capture the meaning of life experiences.

Things to Know Before You Show Pixar’s Inside Out to Your Students
This guide offers two different approaches to teaching Inside Out:

Show a few specific clips along with discussion questions.
Show the entire film with a more in-depth lesson plan and handout.
Feel free to use either approach, or even combine the two into one lesson (or an entire unit) based around the movie. If you only have a single class period, showing just a few key clips below might be perfect. If you decide to help students delve deeper into the topic, you might show the entire film and have more extensive discussions over multiple days. Of course, you could also use some combination of the two, adapting the lesson to best suit your class’s needs.

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